“Everything about this album is uplifting... It’s music that leaves you better than when it found you, and who doesn’t need that today?” 

-Shelley Gummeson, Earshot

"For those that like their jazz piano trios to deliver flights of fantasy and fancy, this set ought to go a long way toward filling that particular sweet tooth…Genre busting…This set charts it's own course in fine fashion letting it's chops and smarts lead the way. Well done and always full of surprises."
-Chris Spector, The Midwest Record 

"It's hard to imagine a musical palette with more sonic possibilities…well-crafted tunes… The group molds sound with a refreshing energy, featuring the piano's concise notes probing into the more sustained electro-backdrops: orchestral sweeps and cool, subtle drones.  Elevation is an offering made of a focused musical vision. Repeated listens are well-rewarded."
 -Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

"An album where it lives only the moment, which is truly the best way to enjoy this strange but beautiful recording"
-Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm

"No holds barred...anything goes...electric...acoustic...modern jazz...classical...progressive rock...classic swing and bop...avant-garde, it's all here on 11 tracks in a svelte 49:56. Highly recommended!"
-Mike Greenblatt,The Classical Arts 

"Parker and Abbott’s playing – as well as that of drummer and percussionist Mark Segger – is eloquent indeed… Remarkably, this music… is not as cerebral as one would imagine, but pre-eminently heart driven. Exchanging the intellectual for the emotional may be what makes this exceptionally polished recording get under the skin as well."
-Raul da Gama, The Whole Note 

"…a tremendously rich aural atmosphere, progressively structured and performed."
-Memphis Marty Delia,The Jazz Music Blog

The Wayfinders

"A deceptively subtle release of elegance and sophistication for the next generation."
Brent Black, Critical Jazz

"If linear isn't your bag, this set is sure to be in your pocket. Fun stuff that charts it's own course with sure handedness."
Chris Spector, Midwest Records

What makes this a truly standout CD is the originality of all the tunes and flawless precision the trio plays with."
Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation magazine

"There are stories inside these songs, carried by the finely-crafted melodies, heightened by the interactions of the two keyboardists
and booted by the contributions of drummer Segger.  Throw away your expectations and just listen -
you will find much to like in this piano trio."
Richard B. Harris, Step Tempest

The group is not particularly flashy in their virtuosity and their compositions seem as if they grew out of jam sessions, more than
elaborate orchestrations, but they come up with music that will likely appeal to both the jam band and
fusion fans, and anyone who likes creative instrumental music."
George D. Graham, WVIA-FM

The focus here is on songs and musical journeys... Music that is gentle on your mind."
George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

"They co-produced this impressive disc at top T.O. studio Canterbury Sound, and it manages to be both
musically adventurous and accessible. A group worth finding your way to."

Kerry Doole, New Canadian Music


"It is exciting to hear what happens in a duo where both musicians have exactly the same instrument
in front of them, and therefore there is both the opportunity for a remarkable synergy, while simultaneously
bringing into focus the uniqueness of each musician’s approach to the instrument and musical imagination."
- Matthew Roberts, Spontaneous Combustion Magazine